Mandatory Training Now In ePAR

Effective immediately, anyone who certifies a Personal Activity Report (PAR) in ePAR will begin seeing a brief PAR training pop-up when entering the ePAR system. This training takes less than two (2) minutes to complete and replaces the online and in-person mandatory PAR training of the past.

Historically, internal and external audits have revealed that not all University employees understand effort reporting and why we review and certify effort. This lack of understanding creates a risk for the University where employees could incorrectly approve effort worked on a project, resulting in either too little or too much payroll expense being charged to a project.

To help educate and maintain a basic understanding of effort reporting for University employees, this training will repeat yearly. Not all aspects of effort reporting are included in this brief training as not all employees need to understand everything associated with effort reporting.

For those who may need additional detail or information about effort reporting, there are Research Administrative Training Series Classes that are offered in the fall and spring each year.

Questions or comments about the training can be directed to

Please note that the RATS system for tracking employees who completed the RATS training in the past is not connected to the tracking system for this new PAR training. Anyone who has recently completed the RATS PAR training will be required to complete this new training.