Clarification: EOR, GFA & Delegation Categories

Financial & Business Services recently circulated a Guideline outlining (1) the Review, and (2) the Evidence of Review (EOR) responsibilities that each Account Executive (AE) and Principal Investigator (PI) MUST perform – either by reviewing the monthly Management Reports themselves, or delegating this function to another person.

Based upon feedback from the distribution of the Guideline, FS has changed the labels of the delegation options within GFA (Granting Financial Authority).  We hope that these changes clarify delegation choices for those with financial approval and review responsibilities.  Please share this news post with all AEs and PIs.

Question: IF delegation of authority is absolutely necessary, how are such delegations made by the AE/PI?

Answer:  GFA is used to indicate delegation of transaction approval and/or report review authority. Please note that such delegation cannot be given to an individual who also initiates transactions.

GFA is found in CIS:

Once logged into GFA, the AE/PI can specify delegations to individuals by selecting from the list of available system options, see image below:

NOTE: Designations of authorized alternates shall be made and verified using GFA whenever possible. Delegation of roles or responsibilities not defined within GFA may be made in a memo on business letterhead, see Policy 3-003.III.D.

Questions or concerns should be directed to our Controller, either by using Contact Us information or by using the ASK US form.

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