New Guideline: Management Report Review

A new Guideline has been published to offer clarification to Policy 3-003: Authorizations and  Approvals Required for Financial Transactions. 

This Guideline is meant to improve internal controls across campus as it outlines:

  1. Account Executives (AEs) and PIs remain primarily responsible for monthly review of their Management Report and submission of EOR (Evidence of Review) – even if they have chosen to delegate this authority.
  2. This responsibility cannot be delegated to an individual who also has the authority to approve financial transactions.
  3. GFA (Granting Financial Authority) is an application found on CIS that has been recently enhanced to allow AEs and PIs to make separate delegations for financial transaction approval and Management Report Review. (Follow these instructions to delegate authority)

Step 1: Login to Granting Financial Authority through CIS, and choose “Designate Alternate(s)”:

Step 2: Indicate individual to whom you wish to delegate authority (enter Employee ID), and which ORG, Activity or Project you wish to affect:


Step 3: On appropriate line, designate authority you choose to delegate, UShop Approval, EOR Approval or All Financial Transactions (only one role may be delegated to an individual):

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