Weekly Bagel Giveaway – Thank you for submitting your Renewals

“UShop Renewals” have replaced the annual Paper Blanket Order process – View the how-to video here.

Congratulations to Heather Ingham in Orthopaedic Surgery Operations  for submitting Renewals and winning bagels for her office!

Get your Renewals done by Friday, May 13th to enter our next weekly drawing!

How many Blanket Orders does your department have to do prior to the new fiscal year?

Don’t wait! We have resources ready to help you at our Hands-On help and Q&A session.  You will have in-person help to understand any UShop process you may have encountered, and we will be able to help you complete your Renewal process at the same time.

Sign up for the UShop Hands-On help and Q&A session here.

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