Enhanced Financial Web Reports – We’ve gone RED

We have upgraded our CIS-based Financial Web Reports, and are excited to announce that they have a fresh, new, RED look!

Our users will notice enhancements to the functionality, including:

  • Management Reports/Journal Detail now consolidates UShop spend by Voucher number.
  • Encumbrance Reports only display “open” POs, and UShop POs now “auto-close” 5 days after they are fully invoiced.
  • Improved user interface on several search (lookup) applications, including: Chartfield, PO, and Voucher.
  • Users can easily see which of their favorite Suppliers are available in UShop, and can also request to make a Supplier available in UShop from Vendor/Voucher lookup screens.

NOTE: Each application has a HELP link if you find you have questions.

We appreciate feedback from our users that have helped us design these improvements.