ePAR Processing for 4th Quarter – 2015

PAR’s for the 2015 – 4th quarter period are ready for processing in ePAR by Department Administrators responsible for PAR’s in their departments. You may follow this link to go to ePAR or log in to CIS and click on “ePAR Quarterly Effort Certification.”

Faculty and Staff that are required to certify their effort on a PAR will receive an email notification on how to certify once their department administrator has gone through the initial steps of the new PAR process.

If you are a department administrator and have yet to attend the ePAR Administrative Training Class, there will be two more training classes, July 9th and July 22nd. Click here to register for these classes.

If you have any questions about how to process PAR’s in the new ePAR system, please contact Craig Merritt, ext. 1-5989, craig.merritt@admin.utah.edu.