Campus Rollout of Effort Distribution Report (EDR)

After a three month successful pilot, we are pleased to announce the Effort Distribution Report (EDR) Web Application has been rolled out to the entire campus! The link to access EDR is available on either the Financial & Business Services or Human Resource Management CIS menus.

What is EDR?

EDR is a Web Application that allows departments to see all the quarter-to-date earnings for EXEMPT employees. The main components are:

  • Effort-Based Earnings Distribution Report
    • Allows in-quarter reallocations to be generated, resulting in more timely and accurate recording of expenses to the correct funding source
    • Modeled after our current effort certification report (PAR)
      • Can be used for ANY exempt employee
      • But NOT for non-exempt (hourly) employees
  • Displays complete information for the employee
  • View and Manage future Funding Distributions and resulting Salary and Benefit Encumbrances
  • Will result in “more accurate” printed PAR reports for effort (after each quarter ends).
  • Should expedite Effort Certifications (fewer corrections should be necessary).

Who should use the EDR?

Business Officers, Payroll Reporters, Account Executives/PI’s, and/or Exempt Employees (you can view your own!) can all use EDR to:

  • Monitor salary and benefit expenses throughout a quarter
  • Make timely in-quarter corrections to expenses that have already posted
  • Calculate out-of-quarter corrections
    • These cannot be saved or submitted
    • Must be processed on either a PAR, Cost Transfer, or Payroll Reallocation


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