Proper Account Usage for Cell Phone Reimbursements ***Updated***

As you may already be aware, in March the process changed for reimbursing employees for business usage of their cell phones. Instead of initiating and renewing these reimbursements using paper forms and manual processes, this is now to be done via an eForm application through CIS.

For more information on this changed process or other questions regarding the Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy, please click HERE.

Cell Phone Reimbursement

One significant change you will notice increases the quality of data in recording and reporting this information for the university as a whole. This change requires the reimbursement to be charged to a specific range of account numbers in the Financial System Chartfield. In the past, your department could use any non-personal services account number. Now, all reimbursements of this nature will be limited to account numbers in the 633nn range. The general definition for this range of numbers is Telecomm – Other Charges. You’re welcome to choose any number within that range to account for these reimbursements. For the Hospital & Clinics (Business Unit 02) the account number will be 65250, which they have defined specifically for this purpose.

The enforcement of these account business rules went into effect on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. You are not required to go back and correct already submitted reimbursement forms.

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