Payment Phishing–Be Aware

Several departments on campus are struggling with an old, but still prevalent, scam and we want to make you aware.

The scam has a few variations, but basically a department is contacted directly by a vendor offering to provide them a free product or service, which is later invoiced, often for an exorbitant amount. The person contacted by the vendor probably had their contact information harvested from University websites. The product or service they offer could be a “free” case of light bulbs, “free” internet access, “free” toner cartridges, etc…

If an offer you receive sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you receive these types of solicitations, we encourage you to use the following as a guide;

  • Recognize this call/solicitation for what it is—a scam, and don’t volunteer any information, or agree to anything.
  • If a shipment arrives, refuse shipment and have the carrier return to origin.
  • If an invoice is received, immediately notify the company that the University is refusing payment for this unauthorized transaction.
  • When refusing to pay an invoice, it is of course preferable that you can prove you either never received, or returned, the shipment.

Feel free to let Accounts Payable and/or Purchasing know if you receive these types of solicitations so we can be aware.

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