Changes to Accounts Payable P.O. Invoice Payment Processing

An important aspect of Accounts Payable procedure is to notify departments that we have received purchase order invoices. Currently, when Accounts Payable receives a P.O. invoice directly from the vendor and the invoiced amount is greater than the $5,000 P.O. threshold, an invoice copy is sent via campus mail to the requisition originator for review. In order to expedite processing and avoid unnecessary mail and other delays, the following changes will go into effect on September 19, 2011:

  • Approval by Default. If the vendor sends a P.O. invoice to Accounts Payable, the processor will validate the invoice and email a copy of the invoice to the requisition originator and the responsible Activity/Project liaison* for their review with notification that unless a responsible person replies by phone, email or FAX within a certain amount of stated days that the invoice is “Not Approved,” the invoice will be paid as “Approved by Default.” See sample of notification below. This process will not apply to invoices outside of pre-approved P.O. terms which are resolved by other methods.
  •  Written Department Approval. If the department is invoiced directly by the vendor, the invoice should be reviewed immediately against the authorizing P.O., approved and sent to Accounts Payable as soon as possible and in-time to be recorded and paid within the vendor payment terms. The approval must include an original signature of the account executive for the chartfield. Vendor payment terms vary, but payments are usually due within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

**Please review the FS News release related to ‘Self Service Liaison Updates‘.

‘Approval by Default’ sample email:

Subject: Invoice for PO [PO Number] [Vendor Name] needing your approval

Important notice requiring your immediate attention


Dear: [REQUISITION ORIGINATOR] or [Activity/Project Liaison]

Please select the web link below (beginning with ‘http://fbs…) to review the invoice(s) for PO [NUMBER]. If you do not respond to the sender by phone, email or FAX within [five or ten] business days, the invoice(s) will be marked as APPROVED BY DEFAULT and we will process the invoice(s) for payment within vendor payment terms.

If you do not wish to pay this invoice(s), kindly reply to the sender by phone, email, or FAX that this invoice(s) is “NOT APPROVED” and include a brief remark justifying the delay.

Feel free to call [PROCESSORS NAME] at [PROCESSOR’S PHONE NUMBER] if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Email: [PROCESSOR’S EMAIL ADDRESS] (Kindly reply to this address if you wish to reply by email.)


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