Delivery of Paper Paychecks

In an effort for processes to become more efficient and effective, the University Payroll Office will no longer deliver paychecks to the employee’s home department. Beginning with the paycheck issued on August 22, 2011, the University will mail, to the employee’s home address on file in the Campus Information System (CIS), all paper paychecks for those that do not have direct deposit set up.

If you are an employee who is currently receiving a paper pay check each pay day, to assure you continue to be paid in a timely manner, we suggest you consider (1) enrollment in direct deposit or (2) verifying your home address is correct within the Campus Information System (CIS).

Please note that address changes in the CIS system take effect immediately while direct deposit enrollment generally takes 2 to 3 business days. Also, direct deposit set up may take longer to become effective during payroll processing periods. To receive your checks as timely as possible, please take action by August 10, 2011. If you have any questions or require assistance with either of these actions, please contact the payroll department at 801.581.7873.

Visit CIS to accomplish either of the tasks listed above:

  1. Enroll in direct deposit through CIS.
    To enroll in direct deposit:

    1. Scroll to “My Human Resources/Payroll” (screen shot below)
    2. Select “Payroll, Taxes, and Salary”
    3. Click “Direct Deposit”

Here you can add any type of banking account information and edit existing information as well.

CIS Payroll


  1. Change your home address to a local address through CIS.
    To change your address:

    1. Follow the instructions under the “Employee Profile Section” (screen shot below)

Employee Profile