FBS Clarifies Procurement Policies

NEW PROCEDURE – Policy 3-100, in reference to Section III.D.2. (Vendor prepayments)

This section of University Procurement Policy addresses certain procedural issues related to advance vendor payments, which are generally not allowed.  The new procedure clarifies which approvals are necessary to authorize vendor prepayments.  Please refer to Procedure P3-100A: Vendor Prepayments.

NEW DEFINITION – Rule R3-100E, in reference to Section III.B.3. (Non-standard furnishings)

This section of Rule R3-100E: Restricted Purchases and Special Procurement addresses acquisitions requiring special approvals – specifically, “Requisitions for non-standard office furniture, equipment, and accessories require the authorizing signature of the cognizant vice president, or of the Vice President for Administrative Services, or his/her designee.”

We have added a definition in the main Procurement Policy, 3-100 as follows:

“Non-standard furnishings” means office furniture, equipment, or accessories that is not routinely available on an existing procurement contract.  Such furnishings, by their nature, go well beyond meeting the functional need of the office, and would generally be considered to be more deluxe, extravagant or lavish (and therefore much more costly) than their “standard” counterpart.

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