Work-Study Deadline 09/30/10

Payroll accounting for potential Work-Study employees MUST be correct by the pay period ending 09/30/10. If the payroll accounting is not correct, the student may lose their Work-Study funding and the employer will not be able to hire the student as a Work-Study employee after 09/30/10.

Please review your records for the following:

1) You must have a current JRN. The JRN authorizes the student to work for a specific department for a specified period of time. The JRN also indicates the authorized account number that must be used in order to utilize Work-Study funding.

2) The chartfield distribution on the e-PAF must include the Org ID and account number that is authorized on the JRN.

3) Please be aware that wages charged to any ORG ID and/or account number other than those authorized on the JRN, are an indication that the student is not set up as a Work-Study employee. Carefully review your Payroll Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes reports. Errors not corrected within the subsequent pay period may cause the student to lose their Work-Study funding.

If you have any questions regarding this notice or about a student’s Work-Study status, please contact the FWS coordinator at

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2 Responses to Work-Study Deadline 09/30/10

  1. kb says:

    It’s been years since our department has hired a work-study person, and the original person who would have dealt with it is long gone. We have a professor who wants to hire a work-study person. Can you send me a link that tells us how to do this? Also, what is a JRN? Obviously, we are starting from scratch here! Any info you could give us would be appreciated.

  2. Dean Church says:

    See the Federal Work-Study WEB site ( or email the Federal Work-Study Coordinator ( for valuable information.

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