Momentum Newsletter, July 1, 2010

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Notable Changes

Two New Property Policies are approved by the Board of Trustees.

Want to trim your Travel budget?  Our Onsite Travel Agency can now discount Delta airfare!  Read more…

Travel Accounting to require conference brochures with Final Reimbursement receipts.  Find out why…

 Process Spotlight

Do you know everything you should know about Disposal of Assets… ? This article contains useful reminders to share with your department.

Don’t Miss a Step in your Procurement Practices… Review important elements of good procurement practices.

FS TipKeep it on Campus (UKIC) – Learn more about this budget saving movement and enter to win prizes!


FS Community    
Which FS employee celebrates 35 years with the University? Find out… 

Upcoming Events

WACUBO Summer Institutes – WACUBO offers valuable and affordable multi-day workshops to improve your job skills.  Find out why these institutes have been so popular among our peer institutions for over 40 years!

  • Business Management Institute (BMI) University of California Santa Barbara; August 1 – 6
  • Executive Leadership & Management Institute (ELMI) University of Southern California; August 7 – 12 

 Internal Controls Corner

Do you know what you should be verifying during reconciliation of Management Reports?  Become more familiar with and share these best practices. 

$Y$ - Happenings

New Systems Developments:

Looking for historical News posts? Find them easily using our new News Blogs.

Income Accounting website is now armed with a useful Tuition Calculator, check it out!

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