FBS Web Enhancements – New Site Map

Have you ever wanted to find a page in the FS Web presence, but were not sure which department hosted the page?  The new SITE MAP will make it easier to find any page in the website.  The site map has been added to the gold bar at the top every page.

Site Map

Click on the SITE MAP to be directed to a page which lists every page in all departments of Financial & Business Services.   The list is alphabetical.  If you have a page you desire to find, select that letter of the alphabet to be taken to the listing of pages starting with that letter.  The list is hyperlinks to the page.  To the right of each page listing is the name of the department that hosts the page.  Check it out!

The SITE MAP is also organized by departmentAt the top of the SITE MAP is a link to the Department SITE MAP.  Each department is listed with the names of the pages that it hosts listed below.

Don’t forget, we also have the INDEX organized alphabetically and by department to help you learn about Financial & Business Services.

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