Momentum Newsletter – April 1, 2010

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Notable Changes

Policy Changes:

Since our last newsletter, the Board of Trustees has approved 3 Policy revisions and 2 new Policies.  Learn more about…

3-002: Administration of State Appropriated Funds

3-004: Signing Official Documents

3-011: Petty Cash Funds

3-018: Internal Controls (New)

3-043: Intangible Assets (New)

Process Spotlight

Process: Reportable (1099) Transactions and Withholding…

FS TipShare this information with all persons who prepare Payment Requests.  This information will clarify when a vendor payment transaction may be a reportable transaction, and what happens when the transaction is complete.

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$Y$ - Happenings

New Systems Developments:

We have developed a new Training application allowing FS to have online quizzes to test user’s knowledge.  This feature will enable us to develop more online training modules.

PeopleSoft Upgrade:

We have completed a successful PeopleSoft upgrade to V9.0.

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FS Community

  Accounts Payable…

Did you know that Accounts Payable is being reorganized into two distinct teams of professionals?

Check it out!

FS Service Awards… Find out who is celebrating 35 years with the University this June! 

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Purchasing Card

This issue’s focus: PaymentNet.

  • How can PaymentNet help you?
  • How does it differ from the CIS Reallocation system?
  • What features are available through PaymentNet?
  • How do I get access?

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Upcoming Events

Schedule Travel Services for a meeting:

We invite you to schedule our Travel Services staff for your next group meeting to learn more about:

  • Our procedures
  • Travel industry news
  • Answer your department’s questions

Find out how…

Internal Controls Corner

Do you know how to file an anonymous report when you suspect fraud?

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