Journal Entries Created in the NEW e-Journal Entry Web Application

Limited use of the new e-Journal Entry application has begun! Central Administration is now entering some internal journals, as well as paper pdf journal forms submitted by departments, using the new system. (A scanned image of the paper pdf journal form will be attached as backup documentation for the e-Journal and viewable on the e-Journal Entry backup tab.) The e-Journal Entry web application will eventually replace the manual, paper-based process that requires the General Journal Entry pdf form submission. As Central Administration becomes comfortable with the application they will begin a careful, controlled rollout to campus, allowing departments to prepare their journal entries right in the system. Look for future news posts announcing the rollout.

Why a new system for creating Journal Entries? The e-Journal Entry web application was developed to make the journal entry process more efficient by eliminating dual data entry and the need for paper, among many other benefits. The new application provides for more transparency throughout the process, giving users the ability to track their journals as they change hands, making their way to the General Ledger, and after posting as a permanent record of the transaction.

How do I view my journals created in the new system? Once posted to the General Ledger, e-Journal Entries will still be viewable from the spyglass (Ask Us or Share Your Ideas) on the Journal Detail Management Report. However, instead of viewing a scanned image of the submitted General Journal Entry paper form, the spyglass will open the journal right in the new e-Journal Entry web application. As departments begin entering journal entries directly into the new system, there will no longer be a need to submit the paper pdf form.

For a preview of an e-Journal Entry, view the Quick Guide to Navigating an e-Journal Entry.

If you have any questions about viewing an e-Journal, please do not hesitate toe-Journal Questions or Suggestions

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