The ‘Check Request’ form has been replaced with a new form entitled ‘Payment Request’. The new form serves the same purpose as the old form, however recognizes that vendor payments are made electronically as well as by traditional check. “Payment Request” better reflects the variety of payment options the University currently supports through its financial system. Another change we hope you’ll notice is in the signature area. We’ve added a certification for the person requesting reimbursement that describes what their signature means. A signature block has also been added for situations where a Vice-President is approving an exception. Both of these additions enhance internal controls over the payment process.

The new form can be found on the Financial and Business Services FORMS page or on the Accounts Payable Online Payment Request page. An overview of the Payment Request form can be viewed at Instr.pdf.

Business Analysis & Support Services may have found a solution for MAC users with Safari Browsers who wish to use the auto-numbered form. If you are interested in testing this solution on your machine, go directly to the Adobe TECH NOTEs web page and follow the instructions.

Please feel free to contact Accounts Payable at AP@ADMIN.UTAH.EDU or ASK US if you have any comments, questions, or recommendations that you would like to share.


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