FIL Queries Enhanced with more Filtering Options

After hearing from several of you, we have added more filtering options to most of the Financial Information Library (FIL) queries. New prompts give users the option to run an Activity or Project report for just a single Account Executive or PI, a single Activity or Project, or to include future Projects (where applicable).

Check them out to see for yourself! Share your comments (below) or send us your feedback directly.

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3 Responses to FIL Queries Enhanced with more Filtering Options

  1. It’s good to hear that FIL continues to provide increased access to information at Utah. Keep up the good work.

  2. DRM says:

    Where can we recieve lessons on how to use the FIL to it’s fullest extent?

  3. Rebecca Baggett says:

    Our goal has been to make the Financial Information Library easy enough to use that you can just click around the application to check out what’s available to you. Each query has a link to Details that describe the results. We always welcome feedback on how we can improve our Details documents to help you better understand the reports.

    If you still have questions, let us know, we’d like your feedback on how we can make the application easier to understand.

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