Error when accessing documents in Management Reports ***Updated***

When trying to access documents (using the spyglass) from Management Reports, some users are receiving an error. The error is:

Fatal error: Call to a member function Execute() on a non-object in C:\Web\htdocs\Fortis.class.php on line 73

***Update*** A work around is available!! Click here for information on how to retrieve your document.

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We are working to resolve this. Watch for updates on the FBS Web Application Status Page =>

Report Issues with FBS Web Applications

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4 Responses to Error when accessing documents in Management Reports ***Updated***

  1. LB says:

    Thank you for this notice and the work around. This information really helps because now I know it isn’t my computer! Do you have an approximate date that you expect it to be working?

  2. Carl Larson says:

    This should be working Tuesday AM (2/24/09). Please visit Report Issues with FBS Web Applications for any updates to this issue.

  3. BH says:

    Thank you for the work around! It will be very helpful.

  4. Dean Church says:

    FYI…This issue was caused by some “clean-up” we did to make the spyglass feature in the Journal Detail Management Report perform better. Along the way we discovered there were some old documents that may not be linked up properly. We have decided that Accounts Payable documents for Fiscal Years 2004 and earlier will no longer have the spyglass available in Journal Detail. The work around documented above will still work. We will incorporate this information in our help documentation. Please add any concerns to this discussion thread.

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