Copies of General Journal Entries

The University continues to invest substantial resources to provide web tools to assist departments in accomplishing their mission. One such tool, implemented some time ago, is the “spyglass” image on the web Management Reports which allows the user to view documents which support financial transactions. Sometimes new web tools facilitate the elimination of traditional business processes that are costly in terms of supplies used and effort expended.

One such business process is the mailing of additional copies of journal entries, as requested on the bottom of the General Journal Entry form. This process results in real costs in the form of paper, toner, and human effort in preparing for mailing and delivering journal entry copies to those requested on the General Journal entry form.

Therefore, effective immediately, copies of journal entries will NOT be mailed even if an individual is noted on the journal entry form. Please use the image functionality on the web Management Reports to view a journal image and make whatever copies you require.