Work Study Deadline 09/30/08

Work Study Deadline 09/30/08

Payroll accounting for potential Work Study employees MUST be correct by the pay period ending 09/30/08. If the payroll accounting is not correct, the student may lose their Work Study funding and the employer will not be able to hire the student as a Work Study employee after 09/30/08.

Please review your records for the following:

1) You must have a current JRN. The JRN authorizes the student to work for a specific department for a specified period of time. The JRN also indicates the authorized account number that must be used in order to utilize Work Study funding.

2) The employee’s chartfield distribution (submitted via e-PAF or PAN Distribution) must include the Org ID and account number that is authorized on the JRN.

3) Please be aware that wages charged to any ORG ID and/or account number other than those authorized on the JRN, are an indication that the student is not set up as a Work Study employee. Carefully review your Payroll Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes reports. Errors not corrected within the subsequent pay period may cause the student to lose their Work Study funding.

If you have any questions regarding this notice or about a student’s Work Study status, please contact the FWS coordinator at