Who can initiate/approve ePAF’s in my department?

You’re now just a click (or two) away from knowing who can initiate and approve ePAF’s in your department. A new query is available in the Financial & Human Resources Information Library that lists employees with access and their specific ePAF roles (dept head, proxy, alternate, initiator) per department. Payroll Reporters and others with HRIL Reporter or HRIL Manager security can access the HR ePAF role by DeptID report from the SECURITY folder, and are encouraged to run it periodically to review/monitor individuals’ ePAF security authorization.

To access the query, log on to the Campus Information System, go to the Employee tab, locate the Human Resources Management pagelet and select the Human Resources Information Library link. Expand the SECURITY folder and click on the HR ePAF role by DeptID query title. You may contact your Service Team if you have any questions.