Create Chartfield Templates for Quick Input for Departmental Deposits

You may now input your chartfield account distribution into a template and save it permanently for future use. This function will allow you to create templates of one chartfield, or a group of chartfields, used most often when you are preparing a departmental deposit. Once the template is created, you need only to select the template within the Departmental Deposit application and copy it with one keystroke.

To Access:

  • Go To “Employee Tab” under CIS.
  • Find “Financials & Business Services”, and then “Processing”.
  • Select “Chartfield Templates”.
  • Select the “Add a Value” to create a new template
  • Input the “Business Unit” and “OrgID” you use to prepare your departmental deposits.
  • Assign a name for the “Chartfield Template”.
  • Press “Add”.
  • Input a “Short Description” (required) and a “Long Description” (optional).
  • Input the chartfield string.
  • The “Amount” and “Description” are optional, but if input would be saved to template to display each time that template is selected.
  • To add more lines for input, press the “+” sign.
  • To delete a line, press the “-“ sign.
  • Once everything is input and complete, press the “Save” button to save your template.
  • To review an existing template, go to the “Find an Existing Value” tab on the first page of the “Chartfield Templates” selection.

To Use A Template(s):

  • Select the template of choice before you input anything into the chartfield distribution.
  • Add or delete any amount or description to the chartfields.
  • Once you are finished with your input, if you have any lines that you are not using, check the “Delete Zero/Blank Amount Rows”, press “Save”, and the unpopulated row(s) will be deleted.
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