Credit Card Fraud Alert on Campus

Recently, a University department was contacted by a person claiming to represent a firm called America One, who indicated that credit card rates were going up, resulting in the need to reprogram their credit card machines. This representation is fraudulent. All maintenance of credit card machines is handled by Income Accounting and Student Loan Services. Unless instructed otherwise, all contact regarding credit card processing on campus will come through this office. Please be aware that the credit card machines on campus are programmed remotely and do not require someone to actually re-program the machine.

If anyone contacts you or your department requesting that you provide credit card information, please take their name, phone number, and company name, and report the incident to the Income Accounting and Student Loan Services Department, at 581-3968. Do not provide confidential information regarding credit cards to anyone without first contacting Income Accounting and Student Loan Services.

Any questions you may have concerning credit card issues can also be referred to this phone number. Please make sure that this information is passed on to the appropriate people within your organization.

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