Suppress Advice Print

Employees are now able to use a new function that allows them to suppress the printing of their own direct deposit advice. To access this new Suppress Advice Suppress Advice function on the Campus Information System, go to Payroll, Taxes and Salary Payroll, Taxes and Salary on My Human Resources/Payroll.

If the box is checked, it will stop the printing of your direct deposit advice. If the box is unchecked, your direct deposit advice will be printed and delivered to your home department.

You always have the option in “View Paycheck” to print your current check stub/advice along with check stubs/advices from previous pay periods.

Important Information

All Payroll self-service functions including the new Suppress Advice function are turned off during payroll processing, which begins on the final day of the pay period at 5:00 PM and ends on payday.

If you have further questions please call Payroll at 581-7873.

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