After you Login to CIS, and select the Tuition and Loans tile, select Payment and Payment Plans.

You will be redirected to the Nelnet Message Board.

Your User Preferences will be updated to your uMail address and you will receive notification of the change.

Here you may select to make payments, payment plans, or set up the following:

Payment Profiles: You may set up as many different payment profiles as you would like, for all of your financial payment methods to pay Tuition and Housing charges. This makes future payments extremely easy as you may select which profile to use to make a payment, without having to enter your financial information every time. International students may also pay tuition using Flywire.

Authorize Payers: You are able to authorize any number of people to view your Tuition and Housing bills and make payments, and create payment plans, on your account.  Please be aware that you will be granting a FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) release for the Authorized Payer to view your information.

User Preferences: Select which notifications you would like to receive, and to which email addresses you would like the correspondence to be sent.

View & Pay Accounts: You, or your Authorized Payer, will be able to view your current balance due and all the real time account activity, related to your Tuition and Housing account. Every month a new statement, which is a snapshot of your account, will be created.  Please be aware that even if your account balance is zero, the statement will be created, and you will be sent an email notification.

You will also be able to view or download your current statement, from this page.  Also, the complete history of monthly statements is available for you to view and download.

In addition, there are options here to view, select, and accept Financial Aid Award Letters, setup a payment plan, and make payments using a Checking Account or Payment Card. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted.

Transaction History:  Your complete Payment and Refund History on your Tuition and Housing Account will be listed here.

Payment Plan:  You can enroll and setup a payment plan for Tuition and Housing charges on this page. Also, you are able to change the payment method, by selecting the Agreement ID of any active payment plan.  You will need to select “Change Payment Method,” under the payment plan details to change the payment profile for that particular plan/agreement ID.

Messages:  Any notifications or messages could be available here.