Authorized Payer

Students have the the ability to create Authorized Payer accounts for parents, grandparents, or anyone a student wishes to authorize, to view, pay, and create payment plans for the students Tuition and Housing bill.

Students will still authenticate into the Nelnet site through their CIS account to access their bill and set up payment plans.

Once created, an Authorized Payer will be able to authenticate directly into the Nelnet site and view, pay, or create a payment plan for a student’s Tuition and Housing bill. This will enable the Authorized Payer easier access to view and pay towards a student’s account.

To create an Authorized Payer account the student must authenticate through CIS to the Nelnet Portal:

  • Login to CIS
  • Select Tuition and Loans
  • Select Payment and Payment Plans

This will authenticate and redirect the student to the Nelnet Message Board:

  • On the left hand side, Select Authorized Payer.
  • Select +Add New
  • Enter Name of Authorized Payer, email address, and a login name.
  • Select Continue

An email will be sent to the Authorized Payer’s email address the student provided, with a link to set their password, and also to the Nelnet Authorized Payer portal.

**Please note that at the beginning of this set up, students will be agreeing to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to grant permission for the Authorized Payer to view their accounts, and make payments to their accounts.

Once the password is set up, the Authorized Payer can:

  • Access and View their students Tuition and Housing Bill
  • Make payments by Echeck, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express
  • Create a payment plan for their students Tuition and Housing Bill