Who We Are

Assess, invoice, and collect student tuition. Process payments for miscellaneous student fees, process loan payments, and dishonored check payments. Cash checks for students, staff, and faculty. Oversee PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance for the entire campus. Process Departmental Deposits from departments on campus and prepare bank deposits, and coordinate armored car pick up for campus.

Accounts Receivable

Assists students with tuition and housing bills, tuition/housing account refunds, third party tuition bills, faculty/staff tuition reductions, graduate tuition benefits,the tuition petitioning process, and all other student tuition issues.

Student Loan Services

Invoices are generated for institutional loans and receivables, federal loans, short term loans, and dishonored checks, and are sent to students and borrowers from this office. This office counsels student loan borrowers with payment issues, federal loan deferments and cancellation requirements, loan entrance and exit counseling, and credit reporting issues.