Direct Deposits

Direct Deposits can be made directly to your checking or savings account for refunds accrued by receiving financial aid or if you paid tuition and fees by a check or cash.

It takes two to three business days, from the time the deposit is initiated, for a direct deposit to post to your account.

If you choose to have your reimbursement transferred electronically to your bank account, please complete a Direct Deposit Application available through Campus Information Services(CIS).

Please note: If you are making a personal payment, and you also have Financial Aid paying your tuition, be aware that as of Fall 2009, all refunds resulting from personal payments on your tuition account will be refunded in the manner they were received.

Financial Aid takes priority TO PAY TUITION and HOUSING FIRST over personal payments. Credits caused by the credit/debit card payment will be credited back to the original card up to the amount of the credit/debit payment(s).