Truth In Lending Student Information


Provisions in the Truth in Lending Act, implemented in February 2010, have resulted in a number of changes in the process for applying for and receiving private education loans, including long-term U-loans and Health Professions Loans. Lenders who provide these loans must comply with the following requirements:

  • The University must provide three separate loan disclosures to borrowers-one at the point of application, one when the loan is approved, and one before the loan is disbursed.
  • A waiting period of three business days is required between the time the borrower receives the final loan disclosure and the time that the loan is disbursed.
  • Students must also sign a self-certification form and submit it to the lender before the loan process can begin.


  • This form must be completed and returned with your application in order to begin the loan process.
  • The Truth In Lending Act requires that the University receive this document in order to lend money.
  • This document MUST be returned to the University by mail or in-person to:
Financial Aid and Scholarship Office
201 South 1460 East
Room 105
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112


Return to the department who is disbursing the loan.



  • To complete your Self Certification Form, you will need to know your cost of attendance and estimated financial assistance. If you receive financial aid, this information can be found on your financial aid award notice located in CIS.