Exception to University Policy – Tuition Appeal

Students may not appeal on the basis of ignorance of University policies and procedures. Read and be aware of your responsibilities as a student. Your appeal must be made only because of circumstances that are BEYOND YOUR CONTROL. If you feel that you are qualified to file a petition, please make sure you have officially withdrawn with the Registrar’s Office or your appeal WILL NOT be considered, and will be denied.

If, because of extenuating or  other acceptable circumstances, the student has withdrawn from course(s) after the published deadline or during the refund period, the student must complete the “Tuition Appeal Form” and submit supporting documentation for consideration to receive a tuition and fee adjustment.

The “Tuition Appeal Form” is to appeal for an exception to university policy for tuition and student fee adjustments only. An exception cannot be granted for any course in which you currently are enrolled.

Appeals for tuition reimbursement will only be reviewed for the current term. All other appeals prior to the current term are only eligible for a reduction in tuition balance due.

Appeals to resolve tuition balances due on tuition account will only be reviewed for the prior three years. No refunds will be issued on appeals outside of the current term.

Only 2 tuition appeals will be accepted from a student within a 5 year period.

Please be advised that filing a tuition appeal does not exempt your account from the assessment of collection and/or financial penalties when applicable. Please pay tuition and fees when due. Late fees and collection fees are not appealable charges.

Do NOT submit a tuition appeal form if:

  • If you have not withdrawn from one or more courses you want to appeal please see Registrar’s Office for petition forms.
  • If you are attempting to appeal your financial aid, waiver or scholarship please see Financial Aid and Scholarship’s Office. The appeal forms are found under maintaining aid.
  • If you are attempting to cancel Housing and Residential Education (HRE), you will need to contact HRE.

Please use the following links for additional information on the Appeal Process:

Tuition Appeal Form

Late Fee Waiver Form


Supporting Documentation