FormsHousing & Residential Education (HRE)

  • Residents living with Housing & Residential Education will pay their Housing Deposit to HRE. All other Housing charges are paid throiugh Income Accounting & Student Loan Services, along with their tuition bill. Housing related charges that will be included on the tuition bill will include: housing, meal plan (if applicable), optional services, and other charges (such as lock outs). Please refer to your tuition bill on your Campus Information System (CIS)
  • If you are a resident of University Student Apartments (East or West Village, Townhouses, Fort Douglas Duplex, or Medical Towers), this does NOT apply to you. Please continue to pay through University Student Apartments.
  • Payment Due Date

Housing charges for SPRING 2023 will be due on the same date that Tuition is due: January 20th, 2023

  • Payment Options

Housing Residents can pay for their charges on their tuition account with the following methods:

Online via CIS

Credit/debit: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

E-Check (connected to your banking account)

Flywire (for international students)

Payment Plan: E-Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express


Cashier’s Office, located in the Student Services Building, Room 165

  • Financial Aid Transfer

Housing Residents who have financial aid and scholarships over and above the cost of their tuition and fees will have the remaining aid automatically applied to their housing and meal plan charges. Housing Residents will no longer need to request this separately or in Housing U.

Any excess financial aid and scholarship funds that are on the student account after all tuition, housing, meal plan, and optional service charges are paid, will be refunded back to the student. If a credit/debit card paid any charges for the term, the credit will be refunded back to the card.

  • Payment Plan Options

For more information on payment plans, please go to: PAYMENT PLAN

  • Estimating Your Costs

Housing, meal plan, and optional service charges for Spring 2023 will be available on December 15th, 2022

To estimate the costs associated with housing, meal plans, and optional services provided by housing:

Please reference the HRE Rates

To estimate tuition, please use the Tuition Estimator

  • Failed or Missed Payment Plan Payment

A failed payment will be assessed a $30.00 fee by Nelnet. Failed payments will automatically be retried on the 7th of the following month. If the retry attempt fails, this will result in a default of the payment plan agreement. Defaulted payment plans will cause the balance to be due immediately, a registration hold will also be placed on the student’s account, and a late fee of $75.00 will be assessed.

  • Payments in Housing U for Application and Reservation Fees

The Housing Application and Reservation Fees will still be paid through Housing U as they occur during the Housing Application and Room Reservation Processes.

Payment Plan Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?

Payment Plan enrollment is fast and simple. To enroll:

  1. To estimate your monthly payments, use the Tuition Estimator and the HRE Rate information, to determine your charges.
  2. If you are a student, you must login to your CIS.
  3. From the main menu, click on Tuition & Loans. Follow the payment plan links and instructions in order to input your banking account information, or credit/debit card information.

What is the payment schedule?

Each term has monthly payment plan options. Listed below are the payment plan options.

Fall 2022 term:

  Number of Payments Enrollment Available Payment withdrawn from bank account (approximate date)
  5 November 10th through December 20th Payments will be deducted monthly on the 22nd of December, January, February, March, and April.
  4 December 21st through January 20th 25% down payment and a $35.00 enrollment fee due upon enrollment in payment plan. Three remaining payments charged on the 22nd of February, March, and April

Is there a fee to enroll?

Yes. You will incur a one-time fee of $35 for each term you enroll. This fee is nonrefundable and will be deducted from your designated checking or savings account, or credit/debit card account, at the time you enroll.

If I have multiple students, do I pay only one enrollment fee?

No, Each student will be assessed an enrollment fee.

Do I have to re-enroll each semester?

Yes. Your payment plan will be term-specific.

How much should I pay?

Use the Tuition Estimator and the HRE Rate information, to estimate your monthly payments.

The amount you estimate, will be divided equally according to the payment plan you have selected. However the maximum amount paid towards your plan cannot exceed the amount of your tuition, room, board, or fees for an academic term.

Can my monthly payments be adjusted after I sign up

Yes. Your monthly payment amount will be adjusted if you add hours or have any additional charges assessed, or have a credit applied towards your balance. Balances will automatically be adjusted after the tuition deadline, and each month thereafter.

Can my plan be cancelled?

Yes. You may cancel your plan at any time, however the $35 enrollment fee is nonrefundable. If you no longer wish to participate in the payment plan, you will be subject to the regular billing terms of the University, which will cause your balance to be immediately due in full, a hold on your records, and a $75 late fee.

Be aware that if your payment plan requires a down payment, and the payment fails, your payment plan will be cancelled immediately. You may be assessed a late fee and possibly have your classes dropped.

Are there any late fees or penalties for missed payments?

If you have an unsuccessful payment. Nelnet will assess a $30.00 fee and retry the payment on the 7th of the following month. If both transactions are unsuccessful and you miss a payment, your payment plan will be cancelled. You will be assessed a $75 late fee, the balance will be due in full, and a registration hold will be placed on your student account.

Can I use the payment plan to bypass a registration hold for a past due balance?

No. If for any reason your balance due is not paid by the time registration opens, a registration hold will be placed on your account and you will need to pay your balance in full before you will be allowed to register.

For plan users, if your payments are kept up-to-date and cover the amount billed to your student account, your account will be paid in full each term.

How will the payment plan payments for qualified tuition and related expenses be reported on my Form 1098-T?

Payments made from your bank account in the months of January through November will be reported on the 1098-T for that current tax year. Payments made in December for Spring semester will be reported on the following tax year.

Is there a maximum payment amount?

Yes, you may only pay up to the amount of tuition and housing charges assessed for a single term.

When are refunds issued if an account is overpaid, or a plan is cancelled and a refund is due?

Depending on the type of payment, refunds will begin after the drop/add date. Checks have a 20 business day waiting period, and E-Checks have a 15 business day waiting period. Credit/debit card refunds will begin after the drop/add date. Credits from Housing will be refunded after HRE has reviewed your account.