How to Use New FIL Report: Graduate Tuition Benefit Information

Thanks to our colleagues in HR and UIT, we are pleased to announce a new report has been developed to allow administrators to pull detailed student level data for graduate tuition benefits (GTB) related to RA’s, TA’s, GA’s and GF’s for a specific department or rollup.  Given the recent updates to the Research Overhead funding distribution methodology, this report may prove to be particularly useful for areas that want to understand their tuition benefit obligations, among its other possible uses.  We encourage you to explore this tool.  Below are directions showing you where to go to find the report and general instructions regarding how to run it.

Directions to find and run the GBT report:  CIS → Financial Information Library (FIL) → Financial Aid Folder → TA/GA/GF/RA information by org

  1. Log into CIS
  2. Go to the Financial Information Library (FIL/HRIL) reports
  3. Go to the Financial Aid folder  and find the report named TA/GA/GF/RA information by org

How to Run the Report:

  1. Insert your five-digit Dept ID (i.e. 00286)
  2. Select the √ checkbox if you would like the report to include rollup information
  3. Insert an account term*.  

*Vital Information for Account Term:  Account terms are represented by four-digit number codes.  For example, Spring of 2020 is “1204,” Fall of 2019 is “1198” and Summer of 2019 is “1196.”  These four digits serve a purpose, that is, to identify the century, year and semester for the query to call appropriate data.  As a rule of thumb, always begin a semester code with a leading “1,” which represents the century (0 = 20th and 1 = 21st)  After the “1,” the next two digits identify the year “20” for year 2020 and “19” for the year 2019.  The last digit identifies the semester – 2 = Winter, 4 = Spring, 6 = Summer and 8 = Fall.

Report Results:  The query results will give you the student level data for the department indicated coupled with amounts and descriptions outlining the waived benefits.  Also, the results identify what dollar portion, between 0 to 100 percent, belongs to what assistantship/fellowship category (i.e. TA/GA/RA/GF).  Multiplying the percent by the “Item Amt” will calculate how much to allocate to each assistantship/fellowship category.  The data results work remarkably well for pivot tables.

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