Accounts Payable Needs Your Feedback!

As we work to examine and improve the Accounts Payable business processes, we would like your feedback on how we’re doing and identify areas of concern for U.

We have created a new form on our website which allows you to share your feedback. The information you provide on the form is sent only to Perry Hull, Accounts Payable Manager.  Please take a few minutes to provide us with your feedback, and don’t hesitate to be honest and direct in your comments.

Link to new form => Share Your Ideas

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4 Responses to Accounts Payable Needs Your Feedback!

  1. mds says:

    On reimbursed items, it would be nice to be able to track the item once submitted to be beeter able to anticipate when the reimbursement will be recieved. The waiting period for reimbursement for both lab purchases and travel accounts can be quite variable and often it is a wait and see exercise as to when to expect the funds to be recieved. Have a tracking function would be helpful.

  2. PHH says:

    Thanks for your feedback.
    We recognize the desire for campus departments to better determine the processing status of a particular Payment Request. To that end, we recently implemented a new form which you complete and we’ll reply to you with the status of your request.
    Please try this form and let me know what you think.
    Please continue to let us know how we can improve!

  3. AR says:

    I send out about an average of 4 check requests a month to out of state government agency’s. Out of the 4 per month average, I would guess that 1.5 of them is not processed the way I have requested it on the payment request form. I ask that the checks are picked up, because of the fact that I have additional paper work that needs to be mailed with them. Over 1/3 of them are sent out by your office with out this additional paper work. I have talked with your office staff to have this corrected but the problem still persists. It takes a considerable amount of my time and extra cost for additional postage to get this issue resolved, as well as additional time.
    I am also concerned with the amount of time it takes to process the checks. Sometimes it seems like it takes over 3 weeks. Is there a reasoning for this?

  4. PHH says:

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I’m sorry about the problems you’ve experienced in terms of handling methods.
    If you can provide me with some specific Payment Request transaction numbers, I would like to review them to see exactly what occurred.

    Accurate and timely handling of payments is a priority for this office. To that end, on our Next Day requests, we have begun monitoring payments to ensure a correlation between the requested handling method and the actual handling method. If you continue to have problems in this area, please contact me directly so that I can be aware.

    The time it takes to process Payment Requests is longer than we or our campus customers would like. We are working to reduce this delay where possible, but staffing shortages are a real limiting factor. When you submit Payment Requests to our office, please use our new form, ,to inquire on the status of a Payment Request. You can continue to work on other things while we track it down and get back to you.

    Please let me know of any other concerns or questions.

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