Tax Withholding Changes

As a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the Internal Revenue Service has provided new wage withholding tables. Beginning with the pay period ending 3/15/09, the University will apply the new tables to employees’ income tax withholding calculations. The new tables will increase take-home pay for most employees, but higher income employees may not see a difference.

If you have any questions, please Ask Us or contact Tax Services at 801-581-3428.

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7 Responses to Tax Withholding Changes

  1. MC says:

    Can we access the new wage withholding tables?
    Would this help us to know which taxes can or can not be withheld for people on specific visas?

  2. Carl Larson says:

    The new wage withholding tables are located on the IRS website at: .

    These tables will not answer tax questions on specific visas.

    If you have questions about visas, please contact the International Center. For specific taxation questions about visa/countries, click Ask Us and select Non Resident Alien Payments/Issues.

  3. SMP says:

    For the first time in my life I owe state taxes. UGH!! Is there any way to keep my tax rate at the 2008 level rather than the new 2009? This way I might not owe next year. Thank you.

  4. Carl Larson says:

    The amount of withholding is determined by your elections on the W-4 form. To view your current withholdings and change them if you wish:

    1. Signon to the CIS and click the Employee tab (if it is not your default tab).
    2. Click Click Payroll, Taxes and Salary.
    3.Click W-4 Tax Information and you can view/update your W-4 Tax Information.

  5. MT says:

    Although the withholdings are determined by individual selections, for the past 10 years I have noticed that the amount withheld for Federal actually gives me a slight refund, while those same tables require me to PAY the State of Utah. However, I do believe that you can request an additional specific amount withheld for just the Federal portion or just the State portion. Is it possible to request additional federal and/or state withholding?

  6. Carl Larson says:

    You can add an additional amount to be withheld from your Federal taxes through the W-4 web application (See comment above). If you wish to have an additional amount withheld from your Utah State taxes, you need to fill out a “Utah State Tax-Supplemental Withholding Form” located on the Tax Services and Payroll Accounting website.

  7. jb says:

    I heard more people are going to to owe fed taxes in 2010 because of the changes in the withholdings. The” ARRA ” has allowed less to be withheld so we are receiving more take home. But the tax liability did not change. So the $37.00 additional dollars a month I am receiving now will reduce my refund by that same amount.(7×12=444.) So if i received a refund of $444.00 last year this year i will get no refund. Is this correct?

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