Financial Information Library

Financial Information Library A new web application has been added to the Administrative Financials Pagelet of the CIS. Financial Information Library allows the user to retrieve information from the financials system. Within the application a link is provided to download the information to an excel spreadsheet. This application uses the same security as Management Reports.

Currently there are two information extracts available:

  • Activity Funds Available
  • Summary of Contracts/Grants


If your information extract returns more than 100 rows there will be a link entitled View All above your information extract results header. If you intend to download your results to microsoft excel, there is no need to click this link as your excel spreadsheet will contain all results by default.

If upon click of View Results you receive the message No matching values were found, it is either because you don’t have security access to the information extract or you provided invalid criteria.Additional information extracts will be available in the coming months.

As a reminder, when using web applications available through the CIS it is important to have your browser set up as specified in the post on Allowing Pop-Ups.

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