Unpaid/Volunteer Employees in FYSC

In FYSC this year all Unpaid (UPD)/Volunteer active employees will be in the alterable area of the panels. Each Department will have the option to continue the job of a UPD employee or terminate them. It will be required that the employee is either continued into the new fiscal year, or terminated in the old fiscal year. With this new functionality for the UPD group there is no need to submit a PAN form for this group unless they are a new employee to the university.

If you have already submitted a PAN form to the Office of Academic Affairs, or directly to Payroll, the PAN form will be data entered into the system. If you have not submitted a PAN form, please use FYSC to either continue the employment of the UPD employee or terminate their employment. If a PAN form has already been submitted for input, please be aware that you will be able to see and review this employee, and any changes you made, in FYSC.

Remember, if you have a new UPD employee, a PAN form is necessary in order to provide an identification number, but if they are not a new employee there is no need to submit a PAN form.

For any questions please contact Payroll at 5-5968.

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