State Contract Car Rental Agencies

Please submit car requests in CIS or send an email to the Onsite Travel Agency at

University employees should use these car rental agencies when on University-related trips. The state of Utah has contracts with Hertz, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National. 

The Travel department encourages booking with the Onsite agents who can conveniently reserve a car using the state contract ID.

For information on international car rentals, please visit the University International Car Rental page. 

Please refer to Risk & Insurance Services for more detailed information.

Car Rental Agencies


Enterprise Rent-A-Car 


Express Service Programs

Hertz #1 Club Gold

National Emerald Club

Please provide the traveler’s membership ID Number from either Hertz or National to the Onsite Agents on step 2 of the “Steps to Make Flight Reservations”. Providing this number in the additional information box will help the agent reserve the car rental under the express service.

State Contract Not Used

If renting using a personal credit card and not using a State Auto Rental contract, it is recommended that the traveler accept/ purchase the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) but the traveler will NOT be reimbursed for the CDW purchase. Travel Accounting will assess a $3/day internal auto liability fee paid by the department.
Please note: If the state contract number is not used through Hertz, Enterprise or National, the $3 per day insurance surcharge must still be assessed to the traveler’s department.

Non-Employee or Visitor Car Rental

Please contact Onsite Travel Agents to assist in booking car rentals for non-employees. You may send an agent a quick ASK US email or you may call 801-587-9005.