Request and Expense Delegates (Travel Arranger)

This form can be submitted to notify Travel & Reimbursement Services to add/update traveler and travel profile info in Concur. Access is usually granted within 1-2 business days.

Once a traveler has received access to Concur, please ensure the traveler profile is up-to-date. The profile can be maintained by the traveler themselves or by a Travel Delegate. 

Delegates are employees who are allowed to perform work on behalf of other employees. Expense and Request share delegates. By assigning permissions to a delegate, you are assigning permissions for Expense and Request.

Travel Delegates should provide training info/materials to the travelers in their department. Please refer to the Online Training page for required training info. 

If you have more than 5 travelers to upload, please fill out this Excel form and send to . – If the Excel form link does not work, please right-click and Open in New Incognito Window, or right-click and Save Link As.