Request and Expense Delegates (Travel Arranger)

This form can be submitted to notify Travel & Reimbursement Services to add/update traveler and travel profile info in Concur. Access is usually granted within 1-2 business days.

Once a traveler has received access to Concur, please ensure the traveler profile is up-to-date. The profile can be maintained by the traveler themselves or by a Travel Delegate. Refer to the Navigation and Profile Guide for more info.

Delegates are employees who are allowed to perform work on behalf of other employees. Expense and Request share delegates. By assigning permissions to a delegate, you are assigning permissions for Expense and Request.

Travel Delegates should provide training info/materials to the travelers in their department. Please refer to the Online Training page for required training info. For additional training info/guides, refer to the Reference Materials page and FAQ.

If you have more than 5 travelers to upload, please fill out this Excel form and send to . – If the Excel form link does not work, please right-click and Open in New Incognito Window, or right-click and Save Link As.