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Mail, Central:

Discussion: The Mailing Bureau provides mail delivery service for on-campus locations and certain locations in Research Park. Mail is also carried to and from the hospital twice a day. Most days, mail deliveries and pick-ups will take place between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Deliveries may be delayed by high mail volume, and are later on payday (the 7th and 22nd of each month).While the U.S. Postal Service provides delivery service to many university departments, they also deliver a substantial amount of mail to the Mailing Bureau for delivery to campus locations. This mail is sorted and delivered with mail originating from on campus.

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Management Accounting – now Cost Accounting:

Discussion: Cost Accounting & Analysis deals with federal regulations related to University of Utah grants and contracts.

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Management Reports:

Discussion: A collection of various financial reports designed to provide summary information as well as a list of all transactions posted for the period of the report. Access to these reports is automatic for the individual listed as the Responsible Person for each Org, Activity or Project. Other individuals may request access by completing a form titled “Security Form-Management Reports”.

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Mandatory Cost Sharing:

Discussion: Cost sharing that is required by the sponsor as a condition for making an award and usually refers to an overall percentage of total costs to be contributed. When mandatory cost sharing is included in the award, it will be listed in the Notice of Grant/Contract Award. Mandatory cost sharing requires the University to share in the costs of the project from non-federal/restricted sources.

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Medical Practice Check Order Form:

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Mileage (Personal):

Discussion: University business travelers may, when most appropriate and cost effective, be reimbursed for personal auto mileage. Travelers will be reimbursed according to current government per mile rates, see Schedule of Allowable Rates.

Travelers should also be aware of available fleet vehicles and use them when it is appropriate, see examples below:

  • Example: Two to four people need to attend a day meeting in Logan.Appropriate Use: Those involved should meet on campus and take a fleet vehicle to attend the meeting.
  • Example: One person needs to attend a meeting in Cedar City for up to six days.Appropriate Use: Employee should use a fleet vehicle that can be picked up after 3:30 the day prior to departure.
  • Example: Employee needs to attend a conference in Las Vegas.Appropriate Use: Airfare can be obtained for approximately $152, so the employee should book commercial airfare. State vehicle use should, for the most part, remain within the State of Utah.
  • Example: Employee lives in Layton, and is attending a day meeting early in the morning in Logan.Appropriate Use: Employee should use the lowest practical cost method for attending meeting. Private auto would be the most appropriate due to the time it takes to drive to University Fleet Services to pick up the fleet vehicle.

FS TipIf a University business traveler chooses to use their personal vehicle when they should have used a fleet vehicle, they may be subject to a lower reimbursed mileage rate.

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Fleet Services:

Discussion: University motor vehicles shall be used only for official university business purposes. University motor vehicles shall not be used for personal transportation or other personal purposes of university employees, students, visitors or guests.

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Moving Expenses:

Discussion: The University allows payment or reimbursement of moving expenses under certain circumstances, please refer to Policy 3-032, below.

| Guideline G5-403I Moving Allowances | From the Interview to the Move article | IRS Publication – Moving Expenses | Ask Us Tax Services |

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