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Vendor Search:

Discussion: Vendor Search is a CIS (Campus Information System) application to help University personnel gain useful information about vendors and the payments that have been made to existing vendors. The vendor search application will find all transactions made to active vendors.

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Visitor Lodging:

Discussion: The Travel Department has negotiated a direct bill procedure with several local hotels. In order to have a visitor’s room charged directly to a Travel Number, follow the directions provided on “Visitors to the U” web page. Bringing visitors to the University can present several challenges, feel free to use the Travel Ask Us form.

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Voluntary Committed Cost Sharing:

Discussion: Cost sharing that is not required by the sponsor as a condition for making an award. The amount of cost sharing is made at the discretion of the principal investigator. When voluntary cost sharing is included as pat of the proposal budget it will be listed in an account and information sheet prepared by the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) and treated in the same manner as mandatory cost sharing. Voluntary cost sharing requires the University to share in the costs of the project from non-federal/restricted sources. It is the policy of the University to not offer voluntary cost sharing unless there are extenuating circumstances.

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Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Sharing:

Discussion: University faculty (including senior researchers) provide effort that is over and above that which is committed and budgeted for in a sponsored agreement. Voluntary uncommitted cost sharing should be treated differently from committed effort and should not be included in the organized research base (As described in OMB memorandum M-01-06).

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Discussion: A voucher is an accounting entry recorded in the Accounts Payable system after receiving a vendor invoice and the invoice is successfully matched to a Purchase Order. Vouchers are also prepared for Payment Requests and Limited Purchase Checks. The voucher represents an internal intent to make a payment to the vendor in the amount of the voucher within payment terms (an obligation).

The vouchers in the Accounts Payable system are posted daily to the General Ledger in a process called Journal Generate. Vouchers can be found on Management Reports within Journal ID’s starting with AP00 (Regular Voucher – debit expense and credit liability account 20099), V000 (Hospital Regular Voucher), or APCL. An APCL transaction closes or reverses the accounting entries for a voucher when no payments have been made and the obligation no longer exists.

Each regular voucher has a due date (or date that a payment is due). Payments are generated through the Accounts Payable system as vouchers become due. These payment transactions appear in the Management reports in journals starting with VP00 (Regular Payments that reduce or debit the liability created by the regular voucher and reduce or credit cash) or APCN (voids a payment that has been made by reversing the original VP00 accounting transaction).

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Voucher & Payment Search:

Discussion: Voucher and Payment Search is a CIS (Campus Information System) application that allows the user to search for information about Vouchers and Payments. This application will search all payments made from the Accounts Payable system.

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