Update ChartField AttributesUpdate ChartField Attributes

Financial transactions and financial notifications from the system require that ChartField information be current. The people who are responsible for spending the University’s money need to be “Active” employees. They also need to have valid contact information in including an email. Below are instructions on how to update ChartFields for Departments, Activities and Projects:

Email Addresses

Email address is the method the University uses to send out notifications from the Financial System. It is vital that each Department Head, Account Executive, Principal Investigator and Liaison have a correct email address in the Campus Information Services. If the email address needs to be added, updated or changed, there are two methods to accomplish this.

  1. The employee can update their email address (and other information) using the Personal Bio/Demo Information link in the Employee section of the Campus Information Services.
  2. The Payroll Reporter can update the employees email address (and other information) in D-Jobs

Org Head

ORG/Department information is displayed in the Campus Directory and is used in various business processes across the University, but is stored in one central database. Each ORG/Department has one title, address, phone number and a single ORG Head who is ultimately responsible for the department’s business transactions including financial and personnel transactions. The Org Head needs to be an active employee. There are two methods to update the Org Head.

  1. Fill out the Request to Update ORG Directory Information form.
  2. Send an email to Sandy Hughes () with desired changes.

Project Account Executive and Principal Investigator

To make any changes to the Project Account Executive and Principal Investigator, use this form from the OSP website.

Project Liaison

Project Liaisons can be changed using the Project Liaison Change application. Click here for information on how to use it.

Activity Account Executive

Send an email to Jennie Hale () with desired changes.

Activity Liaison

Activity Liaisons can be changed using the Activity Liaison Change application. Click here for information on how to use it.