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Accounts Payable Policies and DefinitionsAccounts Payable Policies and Definitions

University Policies attempts to answer the “what” and “why” questions in conducting University business. These Administrative Rules attempt to answer the “how” and “when” questions – providing additional information for implementing or further clarifying existing policy. They facilitate the practical application of University and State policies and rules set down by the IRS and other federal agencies, as well as sound business practices. Administrative Rules carry a level of import that requires considering them more than just good suggestions or advice. They are authoritative documents and are meant to be followed.

Financial & Business Services also has an Index & Glossary which contains great insight into many of the same topics covered by policy. Other documents and forms are also available. The table below contains combined links to many important Accounts Payable Topics.

Topic Regulations Library Other Regulations and Documents
Capital Equipment Policy 3-045 Annual Capital Inventory Overview
Capital Equipment Policy 3-040 Annual Capital Inventory Procedures
Cell Phones Policy 4-005 Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices
Cell Phones Policy 4-005 Cell Phone Usage
Construction Debris Policy 3-205
Consultant/Independent Contractor Agreement Policy 3-111
Employee Awards Policy 5-102 Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Employee Education Benefits Policy 5-102 Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Traineeship/Scholarship Form Scholarships and Traineeships-Taxability
Traineeship/Scholarship Form Traineeship Instructions
Traineeship/Scholarship Form Recurring Direct Deposit Authorization Form Instructions
Fiscal Year End Policy 3-001 Fiscal Year General Accounting Instructions
Fiscal Year End Policy 3-001 Year End Accounts Payable Processing Matrix
Honorarium Payments Policy 3-062 Honorarium Certification of Academic Activity
Moving Expenses Guideline G5-403I Moving Expenses
Moving Expenses Guideline G5-403I From the Interview to the Move
Parking Fines Policy 3-060
Parking Fines Policy 5-206
Personal Purchases Policy 3-100
Petty Cash Funds Policy 3-011 Petty Cash Rule
Petty Cash Funds Policy 3-011 Petty Cash Request/Change Form
Property Policy 3-040
Recruiting & Entertainment Policy 3-031
Requisition Rule R3-100C
Traffic Citations Policy 2-215
Restricted Purchases Rule R3-100E Restricted Purchases
Travel Policy 3-030 Travel Accounting Training


Small Dollar Procurement Policies

University policy and procedures provide guidelines for small dollar purchases. You are responsible for following these policies when you purchase supplies with the Limited Purchase Check (LPC), or Purchasing Card. The Purchasing Department maintains contracts with many suppliers for the kinds of merchandise you need. In addition to university contracts, the state has contracts that are available for your use. Using these contracts could mean substantial savings. Please view Purchasing’s web site for additional information or call the Purchasing Department to speak with the appropriate buyer for help with identifying these sources.

A part of your purchasing responsibility includes compliance with the University’s policy governing Small, Minority, and Woman-owned Businesses (See UPol 3-100 IV.D.4). A complete listing of Utah Minority and Woman-owned companies is available from the Purchasing Department’s Small Business Liaison (581-8477) or from the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development’s web site. Contact the appropriate buyer in Purchasing for commodity-specific information.

Vendor Information

Fiscal Year End Business Practices

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