Household MovesHousehold Moves

Due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, moving expenses paid by the University are taxable to the employee subject to the applicable tax withholding.  Therefore, the University has a new process for new hire household moves.  Instead of providing moving expense reimbursements or a University payment directly to the contracted moving company, moving allowances are now paid through Payroll directly to the employee.  Payroll has a MOVING ALLOWANCE PAYMENT FORM  for this purpose.

Please contact your Payroll Specialist with questions.

With the University of Utah’s moving allowance structure, new hires are not required to use a one specific vendor. However, a procurement process has been conducted and the University has established a contract agreement with Suddath to provide favorable terms, conditions and moving rates for use by new hires at their option, risk and expense. Suddath has provided a University of Utah link to start the quote process for your household move. Click here for Suddath Information.

If a new hire does not use the contracted vendor, we advise for the new hire to conduct their own vetting process by checking reviews and references closely for vendors they have in mind.

For questions regarding this contract, you can call Procurement & Contracting Services at 801-581-7241.