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Discussion: A liaison, while not the individual (Account Executive/Principle Investigator) with the control and ultimate responsibility for the financial transactions of an Activity or Project, is an individual who is generally involved in the day-to-day operations of an Activity or Project and can answer questions related to the Activity or Project for which he/she is the liaison.


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Limited Purchase Checks:

Discussion: The Limited Purchase Check (LPC) is an actual check that can be used by research departments to pay human subjects. These checks are prepared as needed by authorized custodians from check stock stored in their department instead of preparing a Payment Request and waiting for the payment to be processed through the payables system. These checks can be given or mailed directly to the subject or guardian.


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Location Codes & Lookup:

Discussion: Location Codes are numeric codes that are assigned to a specific office, building or other location on campus. Location Codes are used for certain supply orders, and are a required data element on the General Purchase Order Form.


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Lost & Found:

Discussion: University Surplus and Salvage is designated as a central lost and found depository for the University. To locate lost property, check with departments in the area where the item was lost and/or the University Surplus and Salvage department. If you have lost property, you will be asked to fill out an inquiry form. If you claim lost property, you will be asked to fill out a claim form.


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