Invoice Submission & Tracking Checklist

Hundreds of invoices are received by Accounts Payable each day. They arrive via campus mail, US Mail, email, shoved under the door, etc. 

Unless the instructions below or the standard invoice expedite processes are followed, IT IS VERY UNLIKELY THAT CARES ACT RELATED INVOICES WILL BE PAID ON TIME. 

Please follow these instructions carefully.  Compliance with the CARES Act is critical and these payments will be scrutinized by outside auditors.

Prepare Invoice

  • Make sure your PO is set to NEXT PAY CYCLE payment terms (not the default Net 30).  The UShop team can help.
  • Track down all invoices and submit them into the Accounts Payable CARES Act workflow (as described here, and using the web form using the red button, below).
  • Ensure that the invoice clearly shows the following, and the invoice and any additional documentation is submitted in PDF format.
    • invoice to be labeled “CARES Act Invoice”
    • PO Number clearly visible
    • Clearly indicate any chartfield and distribution instructions required to post the invoice as desired, especially where there are multiple chart fields

Submit Invoice by December 15, 2020

  • Each individual invoice must be submitted seperately using the form linked to the red button, below.
  • Make sure that the information indicated above is written ON THE INVOICE PDF.
  • Note that invoices submitted according to these instructions will be expedited at no charge.

Monitor Invoices & Monitor Approvals

  • Review CARES POs daily in UShop for any new invoices keyed by the Accounts Payables staff – this is how you know your invoice has been processed.
  • Ensure each invoice is approved in the UShop invoice workflow – based upon business rules triggered by your invoice details.
  • Once an invoice completes workflow in UShop, the invoice should be pending payment in PeopleSoft.  You can see this using Voucher Search from CIS.
  • Pending payments should pay within the standard timelines:  one business day for ACH,  each (non-holiday) Tuesday / Thursday for paper checks.
  • Contact Accounts Payable if CARES related invoices appear to be delayed or have issues. – Indicate CARES in the subject line.

NOTE: if you have invoices that were submitted prior to these instructions (prior to December 9, 2020) – monitor the progress of payment, and resubmit using these instructions if you are concerned about missing the deadline.

ePR CARES ACT PAYMENTS: if you are working on Cares payments that are paid to other State entities, continue to process these payments using the ePR payment type: Clearinghouse Payment. December 15 submission deadline also applies to ePR Cares payments.