Requisition Mandatory IF…..


Bottled gases are restricted whether or not the gas is hazardous due to the compressed nature of the cylinder. This restriction covers small disposable as well as large metal cylinders. Common gases and gas mixtures can be ordered through General Stores at (801)581-8671. Other gases should be ordered through Purchasing on a requisition so cylinder demurrage and delivery can be arranged.

Animal Orders

Animal orders must be submitted directly to the Animal Resources Center on a requisition with the animal request form for approval.

Controlled Substance

Controlled Substance orders must be submitted on a requisition with the applicable DEA Forms.

Ethyl Alcohol

When ordering Ethyl Alcohol, the department must obtain a Tax-Free Alcohol Report from the Purchasing Department. When properly filled out and signed by the Department Head or Research Supervisor, the Tax-Free Alcohol Report, along with a campus order, must be submitted to Purchasing. The requesting department will be issued a new form with each request. A separate form must be used for 190 proof and absolute alcohol. These records are subject to federal audit and should, consequently, be carefully and thoroughly maintained.

Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment Advertising requests for full time staff and Faculty positions must be submitted to Purchasing on a requisition. Staff position requisitions should reference the Human Resources Specialist name, Job number and placement information. Faculty recruitment requisitions require the V.P.’s signature. Please note that your request can not be processed without the required authorization.

Radioactive Material

Radioactive material orders must be submitted to Purchasing on a requisition, and should reference the authorized PI’s name, specific activity and catalog number. Due to the technical nature of these products please include and contact name and number.
Radioactive orders to be placed for next day delivery must be received by Purchasing by 10:00 A.M.
Note that Purchasing must still process materials with low radioactivity.

Customs Charges on International Orders

Many equipment and supply items may incur customs clearance charges if procured from a foreign country. These items will be held at U.S. Customs offices for clearance if the paperwork is not in order. Even free items will incur shipping and import charges.
There is only ONE company that the University contracts with for customs clearance. Place internationally ordered items on a requisition and send to Purchasing who will then order these for you.
NOTE: Reprints do not incur customs clearance charges.

Select Agents and Biological Toxins

Select Agents and Biological Toxins are regulated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All research activities which possess, use, or transfer biological agents and toxins that have been determined to have the potential to pose a severe threat to human health, animal health, plant health, or to animal and plant products are restricted. All Principal Investigators must complete a Biological Materials Registration Form available on the Environmental Health and Safety website, or contact Environmental Health and Safety at 581-6590. This form includes a complete listing of all agents concerned.