University Payment Card Acceptance Policies and ProceduresUniversity Payment Card Acceptance Policies and Procedures

Payment Card Acceptance Policy PCI Requirement Policy #
Policy 3-070 Subject: Payment Card Acceptance 12
Payment Card Acceptance Procedures
Maintain a Secure Network 1 PDF
Password Security 2 PDF
Protect Cardholder Data 3 PDF
Vulnerability Management 5 PDF
Develop and Maintain Secure Systems and Applications 6 PDF
Implement Strong Access Control Measures 7 PDF
Assign a Unique ID to Each Person with Computer Access 8 PDF
Restrict Physical Access to Cardholder Data 9 PDF
Regularly Test Security Systems and Processes 11 PDF
Maintain an Information Security Policy 12 PDF
Department Procedure Standard-Incident Response 12.9 PDF

Payment Card Acceptance Rules Rule #
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Network Security 4-004E PDF
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Wireless Access Security 4-004F PDF
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Remote and Mobile Access Security 4-004G PDF
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Secure Communications Management 4-004H PDF
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Virus and Vulnerability Management 4-004I PDF
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Patch Management 4-004J PDF
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Physical Security 4-004L PDF
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Monitoring, Logging and Audit 4-004M PDF
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Acceptable Use 4-004N PDF