Step by Step: Card Not Present –

Terminal/Mail Order or Phone Order

Follow the steps listed below to ensure that you and your customer are protected when you accept their payment card.
  • According to your terminal type, key in the card number.
    • Enter all the information you are prompted for. By doing so, you will be using security prompts to make sure the person using the card is the cardholder, and it will cost you less money to process the card.
      • You may receive one or more of the following prompts:
        • Address: enter in the first set of #s of the cardholders BILLING address.
        • Zip Code: enter in the BILLING address zip code.
        • CVC/ CVV2: 3 digit number on the signature panel. Often called a security code.
    • HINT: It’s best to keep the customer on the phone while you run the transaction. If that is not possible, you should get the customer’s phone number in case the card does not go through.
  • Keep the authorized receipt for your records in a secure location until the end of the day. You do not have to print a customer receipt unless you are mailing them a copy.
  • Shred any paper that had card information on it – especially the CVV/CVV2 code and full card number. If you have to keep the full card #, make sure it is stored in a secured location with the receipts with need to know access.
  • Print reports and settle (batch out) the terminal each day you have transactions. Make sure the terminal is also secured from customer/unauthorized usage.
  • All receipts must be kept in a secured, locked location for 18 months with need to know access. Receipts older than 18 months must be shredded.

What if the card is declined?

If you receive a “Decline” response, do NOT run the card again. You may contact the customer to ask for a different card or another form of payment. Or you may try on a future date to see if the card is accepted. Running the card over and over on the same day will not give you a different response. The customer may ask you to call the card issuing bank for authorization…..


*Remember: You MUST receive the authorization from the terminal or the Wells Fargo Help Desk. An authorization from the cardholder’s bank is NOT ACCEPTABLE and could result in lost revenue.

What do I do if the terminal says “Call” or “Hold Card”?

If the terminal does not give an authorization code, but says “Call” – call the Wells Fargo Help Desk for a voice authorization. You must then “offline” the transaction into the terminal. The help desk can help you with that procedure. If you fail to put the transaction into the terminal, the cardholder will not be charged.
If the terminal says “Hold Card” the card is declined. Because you don’t have the card in hand to hold onto, you don’t need to do anything at this point. You may decide if you want to call the customer for another form of payment.

Is it legal for us to have the full card number on OUR receipt?

YES! Your department can have the full card number print on the receipt you keep, for research or refund purposes. It is the CUSTOMER receipt that must have only the last 4 digits of the card number, according to Utah Law.

Problems you can’t solve?

Call Wells Fargo’s 24 Hr Help Desk 1-800-451-5817